Farm Grant for Sophisticated Solar Design

Many Forks Farm of Clarksburg MA has been awarded a grant under the Massachusetts Dept. Of Agricultural Resources  ( MDAR) Ag Energy  program to help defray the cost of  a stand alone solar electric system with advanced storage batteries designed by BPVS. The unique system will provide reliable  power for the farm’s greenhouse ventilation needs, power tools and lighting as well as occasional irrigation pumping.

Many Forks farm is a Community  Supported Agriculture Farm founded and worked  by Sharon Wyrrick.  The MDAR  Ag Energy  Program has limited funds and  is highly competitive. Awards are made based on need , technical excellence and likelihood of project completion.

BPVS will install the system in the Spring of 2015.  Our firm will celebrate its 30th year of  continuous operation in May 2015. BPVS is one of the few firms in the nation with the certifications and experience to field complex PV systems with storage batteries  for: stand alone projects like that at Many Forks Farm ,  for homes and businesses where bi modal stand by operation automatically provides reliable electricity when the grid goes out with  grid interaction for net metering during normal grid operations.  And BPVS has pioneered the design of and installs “dedicated load”  PV systems with storage  for customers who wish to match reduced utility  electricity costs with enhanced reliability and power quality.


Posted By: cdk . (2014-11-12