MA Net Metering Legislation

The Massachusetts House and Senate Committee held a public hearing on Tuesday  March 11th to take comments on various new bills to address the Net Metering capacity crisis.  The legislature will act soon to raise the limits set on interconnecting  new solar and other renewable distributed generation to the grid.  Christopher  Derby Kilfoyle of BPVS  testified in favor of   Rep. Smizeks’ bill H 3901 and its’  identical counterpart, SB 2019  Senator Petruccelli introduced to the Senate. These bills  will extend existing regulations and allow solar capacity growth through the end of 2016. Massachusetts residents in favor of solar should contact their local legislators in support . Go to  for contact details

Chris testified against a utility sponsored bill which would restrict growth in solar  and other clean energy resources. The hearing was well attended with many speakers from  industry and the legislature.   The  busy  proceedings were  guided  well by Senate Chairman Benjamin Downing to assure fair representation from many sides; he and  several committee members asked excellent probing questions.




Posted By: TE . (2014-03-14)