Panasonic and BPVS
We're pleased to offer Panasonic solar modules with an enhanced warranty that rewards you for selecting BPVS as ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-12-12)

BPVS and PV with Storage
This year we've seen an upsurge in customers who have selected PV with battery storage designs. Our history in PV ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-12-08)

Happy Thanksgiving
BPVS will be closed Wednesday-Friday this week for Thanksgiving (11/22-11/24). If you need us, please call 413-664-0152 ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-11-20)

BPVS New Location
We're pleased to be in a new location at the NORAD Mill in North Adams not far from MassMoCA and the Appalachian ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-10-23)

Best in the Berkshires
What an honor to be voted Best in the Berkshires for the Renewable Energy Provider category . Thanks so much to ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-07-30)

BPVS in the Field
Bright sun and a happy crew - off the roof and cleaned up before it gets way too hot ! Left to Right that is ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-06-15)

BPVS selected as authorized Panasonic dealer
Panasonic Eco Solutions North America has selected BPVS as an Authorized Solar Installer, certified to offer their ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2017-06-01)

May Production
Do you have solar & noticed low production for the month of May? If so, you aren’t alone- thanks to the cloudy, rainy ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2017-06-01)

Spring Sustainability Fair this Saturday
The first Berkshire Spring Enviro Fair and Expo sponsored by BEAT (Berkshire Environmental Action Team) and Living ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-05-09)

BPVS Is Hiring!
Would you like to join the BPVS team? We are hiring! Send your resume to us at Becca@bpvs.com! ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2017-04-20)

Welcome Walker To BPVS!
Meet our newest Intern, Walker Phillips. He is currently working as a solar analyst/technician for us at BPVS. Walker ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2017-03-02)

BPVS VP Rebecca Martin
BPVS, Berkshire Photovoltaic Services Inc. has promoted Rebecca Martin to the position of Vice President. Rebecca is ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2017-02-20)

SRECsII Extension Plus
We have updated our popular SRECs white paper on the market going forward and on the SRECs II extension policy for ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-02-17)

Massachusetts New Solar Policy
The Massachusetts Dept of Energy Resources DOER will announce their new solar incentive program/proposal on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2017-01-25)

Happy Solar 2017
As we close out our busiest year ever we wish to thank all our customers for their confidence in BPVS and the best ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-12-29)

2016 Vadnais Environmental lecture
This year's Elizabeth and Lawrence Vadnais Environmental Issues lecture will host Dr. John Harris speaking on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-10-27)

Solar Stats to Date
Solar Production This Summer We'd like to thank all our customers who keep accurate records of their PV ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-10-18)

Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

  350.org  Berkshires has announced a local action to support the  Lakota  Sioux movement to ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-09-13)

Stephen L. Congdon

 Stephen L. Congdon


        One ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-08-01)

Ma DPU Hearings and Comments

  This afternoon  June 14th at 4 we will join with environmental activists to draw attention to the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-06-14)

32 years!

   Now  enjoying our 32nd year in operation as the region's most experienced and sought ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-06-07)

Fossil Fuel Divestment Seminar

 Here is an excellent article in the Berkshire Edge by Gary Stoller explaing the reasons for  Fossil ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-05-17)

Sustainability Fair

    The first Berkshire Sustainability Fair  called " Living the Change" will take ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-29)

Earth Day Victories

  We're marking significant victories for a rational energy policy this week!  Cancellation of the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-22)

Solar Legislation & Berkshire 350.Org

This week on Weds. April 20th at the monthly  350.org  Berkshire Node meeting  Chris Derby ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-16)

New Solar Law in MA

    New Massachusetts Solar Legislation

   Governor Baker is expected to sign ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-11)

Climate Change Talk in Williamstown



William R. Moomaw, lead author of five U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-04)


  We have updated our popular  Massachusetts SRECs  white paper - you can see it on our web site ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-02-10)

New MA Solar legislation

    Today over 56  solar business, public interest  and environmental ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2016-01-08)

Solar tax credit Extension

  The  really good news today with the Federal Government Omnibus Bill passing the House and most ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-12-18)

There is hope yet for us as a species

       That is how  Michael Feldstein closed his summary of the Paris Climate ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-12-14)

Massachusetts Power Forward

 Mass Power forward was launched  today wiith simultaneous  press conferences in cities across the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-10-09)

SRECs Summer 2015

The 2015  SRECs auction has cleared and the values  for both SRECs I and and SRECs II on the open ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-07-31)

Contact Us Update


   If you contacted us at  info@bpvs.com  ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-07-13)

Berk. Eagle Net Metering

Check out the latest Net Metering article in the Berkshire Eagle with some input from BPVS owner Chris ...(read more)

Posted By: BW BM . (2015-06-30)

Since 1985

      Today  May 21st is the birthdate of BPVS - 30 years ago dedicated to safe ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-05-21)

Caretaker Farm 2015 Stats

Caretaker Farm in Williamstown  MA is celebrating the 7th anniversary of their 9.9 kW PV system coming on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-05-07)

Support Solar Net metering

 On the 12th of May   a special statehouse hearing led by Senator Downing of the First district ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-05-07)

2015 Blizzard

     Folksingers  Dan and Faith Senie    ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2015-01-28)

Chris Kilfoyle Presenting at the 350-MA Berkshire Node's Monthly Meeting

Wednesday this week, January 21st  Chris Derby Kilfoyle of BPVS will present:

An overview of the ...(read more)

Posted By: Richie Doucette . (2015-01-19)

Happy New Year- 30 Years!

 We're closing out our busiest year ever ; thanks to all our customers and  we're looking ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-12-22)

Farm Grant for Sophisticated Solar Design


        Many Forks Farm of Clarksburg MA has been awarded a ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-11-12)

Peoples Climate March NYC

 BPVS - five of us - is all prepared to march with the Berkshire Node of  350.org and looking forward ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-09-18)

MA Solar Legislation update
Thanks to your efforts and like minded clean energy ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-08-01)

Solar Net Metering Crisis in MA

         Many people do not realize that for the last year a net metering cap ...(read more)

Posted By: BPVS . (2014-06-10)

Green Fair Event!

We will be visiting Wahconah Regional High School this week to participate in their Green Fair. The schools Green ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2014-05-15)

Congratulations To Richie!

Congratulations to our employee Richard Doucette for completing his PV-Entry Level Photovoltaic Certification! ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2014-05-13)

Berkshires Be Solar wise

Berkshires  Be Solar Wise.


 You have likely noticed a new verb bandied ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-03-25)

MA Net Metering Legislation

   The Massachusetts House and Senate Committee held a public hearing on Tuesday  March 11th to ...(read more)

Posted By: TE . (2014-03-14)

Thunderbolt Ski Race Adams March 1

     Be sure to come to Adams Massachusetts this weekend for the Thnderbolt Ski Race on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-02-26)

Flow battery Breakthrough

   Exciting news on  electricity storage, an economic flow battery will be the result of research ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2014-01-15)

PV professional certification

     Bryan Waryjasz and Adam Rich received news last night they passed their PV professional ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-12-12)

Check out this new organization!

We encourage you to bring your commitment to clean energy to a new type of solar advocacy and educational ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2013-11-27)

Upcoming Event!

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts community is pleased that world-renowned environmental advocate Marion ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2013-11-19)

New report on PV owner benefits

 The Massachusetts  Dept . of Energy Resources has released a long awaited ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-10-03)

Senator Downing meets BPVS Intern

Senator Ben Downing met with BPVS summer intern, Ryan Puckett yesterday. Ryan has completed excellent ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-08-28)

How will PV supplement my electric usage?

Attached is our updated spreadsheet allowing you to quickly get a sense of how much of your electricity usage ...(read more)

Posted By: RP . (2013-08-15)

Massachusetts Residential Electricity Prices

Attached is a graph showing the trend in average electricity prices (cents per kWh) in Massachusetts since 1990. ...(read more)

Posted By: RP . (2013-08-15)

Updated Clean Energy Stats

Here is the PDF link to the updated version of our “Clean Energy Stats” analysis. This analysis ...(read more)

Posted By: RP . (2013-07-29)

June Rain Affects PV Generation

Here are the results of our June kWh analysis for the past five years from a ...(read more)

Posted By: RP . (2013-07-19)

July 16th Legislative Hearing

 The  Massachusetts legislative hearing on a wide variety of renewable Energy Bills was held on Tuesday ...(read more)

Posted By: RM . (2013-07-18)

Solar PPA & Lease Guidance

    Aggressive internet advertising and sales people are pushing  Solar leases and Power ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-06-10)

Apples to Apples

  During recent site assessments we’ve learned where some people are getting misinformation on ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-05-29)

Farm Grant Season

   This week the last of  the PV  grant applications for local farms  we've prepared ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-05-20)

Sara Ross and Sungage

 This is an important debate to watch on the Solar lease vs Solar ownership  models in the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-04-25)


 We are updating our  SRECS and RECS guidance paper and will post it here soon. The rather dismal ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2013-02-25)

Updated Clean Energy Stats!

The table was first created by Abby Krich in 2004 when she was an intern at BPVS from Cornell University. ...(read more)

Posted By: BM:CDK . (2012-11-30)

Guest Speaking at Mt. Greylock High School

On December 14th Becca will be returning for a third year to Mt Greylock High School for a ...(read more)

Posted By: BM . (2012-11-26)

MCLA Vadnais Lecture December 4

  The annual  Elizabeth and Lawrence Vadnais  Environmental Lecture will be on December 4th ...(read more)

Posted By: cd . (2012-10-29)

BPVS Climbs Mt. Washington

BPVS crew members Bryan, Donnie, Sean, Adam, and BPVS friends/alumni John and Joe climbed Mt. Washington on ...(read more)

Posted By: ABR . (2012-10-19)

Hoosac Mock Trial

On June 7th, Hoosac Valley High School students held a mock trial to discover the best source of ...(read more)

Posted By: YC . (2012-06-07)

Solar and Fire Safety

   On June 13th, Chris Kilfoyle of BPVS will present on Solar and Firefighter  Safety to the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-05-29)

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

 Here is our popular SRECS essay updated for 2012. Its remarkable how many people have emailed to thank us ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-05-02)

Busy Times 27 Years

         Our best April ever as more projects come on line and more  ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-05-02)

Earth Weekend 2012

Please come to Williamstown for an important talk by Frank Lowenstein, Global Climate Adaptation Strategy Leader ...(read more)

Posted By: ABR . (2012-04-10)

Earth Day at NESEA

 On Saturday April 21st   NESEA , the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association will host a full ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-04-09)

Welcome Adam Rich

 Welcome  new employee,  Adam Rich to BPVS . Adam will be involved in design and management of ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-04-09)

Wahconah Regional Presentation

 Back by popular demand, Rebecca  ( Becca) Knights of BPVS will this year again speak to the ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2012-03-22)

Elizabeth Kolbert at MCLA April 4th 2012

The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) hosts an annual Environmental Issues Lecture named ...(read more)

Posted By: CDK . (2012-03-12)

SEBANE Seminar: Solar PV Systems & Fire Safety

February 29th Chris Derby Kilfoyle will present at the SEBANE sponsored full day workshop ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2012-02-29)

Guest Speaking at Mt. Greylock High School

Tuesday December 13th Becca will be speaking to environmental science classes at Mt. Greylock High ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2011-12-02)

Our Berkshire Green Networking Event

Our Berkshire Green Networking event is Thursday, August 25th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, at Hancock Shaker Village, ...(read more)

Posted By: RK . (2011-08-25)

Solar Energy Discussion at Bascom Lodge

Wednesday August 24th Chris Kilfoyle will be presenting an overview of solar electric installs at Bascom ...(read more)

Posted By: RK . (2011-08-24)

BPVS Completes 7.05kW System at Adams Wastewater Treatment Plant

(Bryan Waryjasz(above) doing final module checks at Adams Wastewater Treatment ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2011-08-11)

Solar noon Plainfield Ma

   North Side of the Plainfield Massachusetts Congregational Church , lunch break july 21, 2011. There ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2011-07-21)

SEIA Code of Conduct Review Webinar

Chris & Becca took part in a webinar discussing SEIA’s (Solar Energy Industries Association) new ...(read more)

Posted By: RK . (2011-07-12)

May Production Totals

The poor weather this May has been reflected in lower production totals compared to previous ...(read more)

Posted By: Max Dilthey . (2011-06-13)

Rebecca Knights Certification

(Rebecca Knights pictured above with CT Plunkett's Mara Woolley)

Rebecca Knights ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2011-05-12)

Solar Sense Workshop
Tuesday May 3rd Becca will be attending a Solar Sense Workshop in Amherst, MA. This workshop will give tips on how to ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2011-05-03)

Chris Speaking at the Norman Rockwell Museum May 5th
Thursday May 5, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m Chris will join other environmental speakers from the community at the Norman Rockwell ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2011-04-29)

Solar Production Results from 2010!
The results are in for production benchmarks month by month based on our monitored systems in Western MA through the ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2011-04-07)

HNE Agricultural Marketing Conference March 1-3 Sturbridge, MA
BPVS will be attending and exhibiting at the Harvest New England Association Conference March 1-3rd , 2011 in ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2011-01-03)

Becca Visiting Environmental Science Classes at Mt. Greylock Regional High
Friday December 17th, 2010 Becca Knights will be speaking to Environmental Science classes at MT. Greylock Regional ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2010-12-17)

Chris To Teach PV Training Class To Firefighters
Tuesday December 14th Chris Kilfoyle will be teaching a PV safety & training class to the Williamsburg, Goshen & ...(read more)

Posted By: BK . (2010-12-14)

Mass Moca Presents: Michael Oatman: All Utopias Fell
Mass MOCA presents Michael Oatman's: All Utopias Fell, an exhibit in which BPVS worked with Mass MOCA and Michael ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2010-10-23)

Solar Electric Reductions of Polluting Emissions
Updated Environmental Benefits of installing Photovoltaics(PV) per 1kW of capacity. ...(read more)

Posted By: Ben Carlson . (2010-06-21)

Events Announcement

Chris Kilfoyle of BPVS will be speaking, representing the Solar Energy Business Association of New England at the ...(read more)

Posted By: Chris Kilfoyle . (2010-06-18)

Michael Oatman
This fall marks the opening of artist Michael Oatman's monumental installation, ...(read more)

Posted By: NG . (2010-05-21)

BPVS Celebrates 25 Years!
In the spring of 1985 after a few years of helping install small stand alone photovoltaic systems in southern Vermont ...(read more)

Posted By: Chris Derby-Kilfoyle . (2010-03-26)

Indian Line Farm
What a precious place in South Egremont, MA is this farm , the first in the Community Supported Agriculture ...(read more)

Posted By: Nicholas Girard . (2010-03-25)

Schedule Z
The new "net metering " provisions in MA means old and new customers have to file Schedule Z to assure their ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (2010-03-25)

Hoosac Valley High Presentation

   Rebecca Knights of BPVS will be presenting to Hoosac Valley High School  Environmental Science ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (0000-00-00)

Solar Day at the Statehouse

 Tuesday . April 7th is Solar day at the Massachusetts Statehouse . Rebecca Martin , BPVS  Project ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (0000-00-00)

350.org Meeting June 17th

Join us on Wednesday Night at the UU Church, 175 Wendell Avenue in Pittsfield.

Chris Kilfoyle of ...(read more)

Posted By: rjd . (0000-00-00)

BPVS Employees working to better their community

Here at BPVS, our employees use their skills to better their communities both in and out of ...(read more)

Posted By: rjd . (0000-00-00)


 BPVS is growing and now hiring  Experienced and Entry Level  Solar PV technicians ...(read more)

Posted By: cdk . (0000-00-00)