Solar Net Metering Crisis in MA

         Many people do not realize that for the last year a net metering cap has been looming over the state of solar grid connect PV in Massachusetts. In some categories there is a waiting list and all new solar projects could stop this summer. The utilities have meted out small increments of aggregate capacity to solar and other renewable generators over the years.

                 Legislation has moved  to the House Ways and Means committee

Please call your local legislators- Senator and Representative  – their contact information can be found here:


Call the the House Ways and Means committee

                           At 617- 722-2990


  Be sure you state your name and city or town if you get a voice mail. All committee members contacts attached

Tell them you are against a so called “compromise bill”  HB 4185 AS WRITTEN…but THAT YOU DO SUPPORT amendments to the bill presented to the committee by the Massachusetts Solar Owners’ Association

Sorted out by the utilities and a few large national solar developers and financiers over secret negotiations this bill claims solar will have unlimited net metering, but then gives utilities wide control over rate of installations, design approval and program processes including incentive payments. This is a very complex bill with many vagaries,,, some could very well retroactively affect existing solar installations. It ‘s being rushed through.
Neither solar owners, environmentalists, ratepayer advocates, academic specialists in renewable policy or representatives of local solar firms were represented at these meetings.

  Please call right away and ask your friends especially those in eastern MA to help.

We’re told the utilities have their lobbyists out in force on Beacon Hill.

                        Your voice is important!


Posted By: BPVS . (2014-06-10)