Why Choose BPVS?

Since 1985 BPVS stands for safe, efficient and durable PV Systems.


Our designs exceed code requirements to ensure user friendliness and reliability. We use the finest modules made in the world. High production efficiency, robust construction and product consistency are important factors. New England weather extremes demand strong frames and proven cell and laminate designs. The brands we feature take care of their employees and of the environment.  Panasonic and Solarworld mono, poly crystalline and tandem cell products all meet these requirements. Each has unique features which allows us to select for the needs of your site. For over thirty two years our customers' PV systems have produced more power because they are installed properly with durable components. Our careful designs match the array, power electronics and site for optimal performance.


BPVS has operated under the same name in this region since 1985 and could boast over seventy years of experience in PV if Chris Kilfoyle's science fair projects as a teenager and senior staffs years in the field were included. What counts is our team's approach to quality and service. Our existing systems and their owners are just as important as our new prospects.


Responsible for completing many firsts in Photovoltaics, BPVS continues to assist: manufacturers in product development, Federal and State Energy Agencies in PV research projects and policy development and the regions utilities in PV adaptation programs. Our pro bono work over the last twenty five years in the community, region and nationally has quietly advanced the safety and acceptance of PV.


Our commercial, institutional and residential customers have built our reputation. They know that being consumers and generators of clean electricity is important and rely on our technical expertise to make it easy. We are often complimented on the thoroughness of our turnkey services: from utility, permitting and grant documentation, to the neatness of our installation work and free service checks. In recent years we've often received sincere thanks for the integrity of our sales presentation. Please call us for references to owners of days old or decades old PV systems near you.