Panasonic has honored BPVS with additional solar certifications this summer. While it is nice to have new certificates to frame and display; these achievements actually help our customers.

Recognizing our workmanship and design excellence, Panasonic now rewards you with a lengthened and enhanced warranty. We detail that in our contracts. Because of the volume of Panasonic modules we install we now get better pricing and that too helps you realize the benefits of the world’s most efficient solar photovoltaic modules.

This summer Schneider Electric has also honored BPVS with elite installer status.

This award recognizes the quality of our Conext Solar Storage designs and installations which utilize web based monitoring. Our Conext system owners, Conext engineers and BPVS can see real time data from these systems. The proprietary CONEXT GATEWAY & INSIGHT Solar monitoring system is secure, user friendly, reliable and versatile.

Schneider Electric is the parent company of a venerable name in power electronics and high quality switch gear:  “Square D”.

The Conext microgrid equipment we design with anticipates the grid of the future. Some customer’s Conext solar  systems are for dedicated loads like electric vehicles and well pumps. Others use the utility grid as their “back-up” during winter months. The rest of the year and during any grid outages their entire electricity usage is from solar directly during the day and stored solar power at night from their battery bank.  Some of our Conext Solar PV system customers live off grid or have chosen to defect from the utility grid. 

There are several solar and storage brands in the market. All try to imitate the Schneider Electric Conext family and products. Many would do well to tone down their hype and vastly improve their reliability. We’ve done the research and our customer’s satisfaction prove that the combination of Conext power electronics with Panasonic solar modules in our designs makes for an efficient and durable resource with warranties from major manufacturers who are diversified and resilient.