Many customers have asked about solar and battery backup for power outages and for self-reliance, but few buy because it is a great expense. For those looking to run loads such as a refrigerator, freezer, a heating system or even a well pump during a power outage, an investment of $10,000 or more is required for the back-up equipment.

We have been testing a new backup product that uses the best of new battery technology in an affordable user-friendly package. The KiloVault 1500 Res-Q portable power unit is perfect for a utility outage. While it does not supply the watts required for loads like a water pump, large freezer or refrigerator, or a heating system, it will allow you to run a small freezer for a couple of days, charge your phone and laptop for weeks, and has outlets so you can plug in a light to enjoy a book or some board games while you wait for the power to come back on. Our tests were rigorous, during one, it ran our busy office printer, copier, and scanner for three days and in another it powered a hammer drill for twenty 2″ deep holes in hardened concrete. Other loads are shown in the table below. It is a limited power supply with flexibility and has earned our seal of approval.

The KiloVault RES-Q is quiet, safe, renewable, and affordable. Its small size, just over 2 cubic feet and 61.5 pounds, makes it easy to carry or store anywhere and has a very quiet core, so you will not be bothered by the noise of it running. This device uses a lithium iron phosphate battery* so there are no emissions generated, which makes it safe to use indoors. There is also the option to add additional battery storage by adding a Lithium-Ion Phosphate Iron Battery, which is the safest new Lithium battery technology, or adding any 12 VDC lead acid battery- even your car battery will work! The KiloVault RES-Q can be charged from the grid, a generator, or its solar kit option. Using solar makes this a renewable product, keeping your carbon footprint small and your home environmentally safe!

We feel it is prudent to have a backup power source in these times. Limited but reliable backup electricity is better than no electricity at all. When it is critical to recharge a cell phone or a laptop the KiloVault is perfect and it has features and a robust construction that make it unique and affordable. It can be purchased now for $1,660.00 plus shipping.

With the solar option the cost is $2,554.00 plus shipping. If you are interested in extra KiloVault batteries that can increase the capacity of the unit we’re happy to quote that option as well. Call or email BPVS at (413) 664-0152 or [email protected].

*The KiloVault Res-Q system we offer uses the safest Lithium based battery. A percent of our profits from their sale goes to Amnesty International, the most active organization working to remedy the plight of indigenous people in the Lithium triangle of Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia.  Please note the KiloVault Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate battery chemistry does not use cobalt which affects miners in the Congo, another area targeted for help by Amnesty International.

Example Loads:

60 W Lightbulb60 W4240 Wh5d 7h 12m
Cell Phone5 W315 Wh12w 1d 7h 12m
Laptop42 W charging 14 W running2 charging 6 running168 Wh1w 0d 14h 24m
Radio1 W55 Wh36w 4d
**These calculations are based on average appliance wattage and only display how long they could be run if they were the only appliance being used.