Ma DPU Hearings and Comments

This afternoon  June 14th at 4 we will join with environmental activists to draw attention to the Department of Public Utilities hearing at the Berkshire Athaneum  on allowing  Gas Pipeline capital costs to be collected by electric utilities from all ratepayers.  Please join us at Park Square in Pittsfield  and then attend the hearing to voice your concerns. This is really an unprecedented , pre – emptive way to foist gas pipeline infrastructure on the state. We don’t need new pipelines and the private concerns behind this  cannot get financing to build them ….that is why they are are trying to get electric ratepayers to foot the bill.

BPVS often submits written comments on D.P. U. matters affecting solar. This has been a busy year for such filings.  Many of these issues are quite detailed  but below is a link to our  general comments opposing  parts of  the new Net metering Regulations which will seriously disrupt progress on clean energy adaptation in the state. The hearing will take place tomorrow in Boston.

To view the attached PDF file, Click Here .

Posted By: cdk . (2016-06-14)