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SRECs Summer 2015

The 2015  SRECs auction has cleared and the values  for both SRECs I and and SRECs II on the open ...(read more)

BPVS Employees working to better their community

Here at BPVS, our employees use their skills to better their communities both in and out of ...(read more)

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Featured System:

Ennis Featured System

We truly appreciate our environmentally and socially conscientious customers like Tom and Ellen Ennis of Williamstown. Their PV system has produced over 2 megawatt hours of electricity this summer, and will continue to provide clean energy for the 25+ year lifespan of the system.

"We’ve been very happy with our system, and the folks at BPVS couldn’t have been nicer to deal with. The installers were very professional and courteous. The office personnel were very efficient getting the system set up with the state Renewable Energy Credit system. BPVS seems to have a great relationship with the utility companies, the state, and the energy credit aggregators we shopped among, for every part of the process went very smoothly. Chris thoroughly walked us through what was in the system manual they provided. On our refrigerator, we’ve posted the first bill from National Grid since the system went in, showing that National Grid owes us money!"   -Tom Ennis, Williamstown

Our customers understand: "Photovoltaics (PV) is a signature technology for the post industrial age, there are no moving parts except those infinitesimals; photons and electrons moving at light speed. In contrast to many electric generation technologies, there is no combustion, no need to contain pressure. No noise, no dynamic vibrations, no lubrication or adjustments are needed. The fuel is abundant and free, there is no waste. With PV's technical sensibility, progressive cultural and ecological benefits attach and together define sustainability. Our customers are clean energy consumers and generators." -Christopher Derby Kilfoyle ©BPVS 2014