Why Solar Power from BPVS?

BPVS is the leading photovoltaic service provider in Berkshire County! Click the button below for more information on Solar Technology.

Solar Information

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Solar PV Installations SINCE 1985 !

What We Offer

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services has over 30 years of experience in turn-key solar projects- commercial, institutional and residential!

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services Inc. (BPVS) has completed many “firsts” in the area and the nation. We helped establish best practices in PV design. In recent years we are often called on to correct or retrofit systems orphaned by the original installer. Manufacturers whose products under warranty need service call us too because they’ve lost confidence in the original installer. See our Solar Power page to see the variety of solar designs and expertise we offer!

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A solar electric system is a great way to reduce your electric bill, help heal the environment and improve your property value.

In considering your goals for the system, we help you evaluate your electrical consumption, consider ways to manage your usage more efficiently and design a PV system that fits your budget, aesthetics and electrical needs. See our First Steps Information section for other details.

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BPVS COVID-19 Update

At BPVS Inc we are taking the necessary steps to protect our customers and ourselves against COVID-19. We are educated
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