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Panasonic and BPVS
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BPVS and PV with Storage
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Happy Thanksgiving
BPVS will be closed Wednesday-Friday this week for Thanksgiving (11/22-11/24). If you need us, please call 413-664-0152 ...(read more)

Featured System:

Sargent- Nelson System

It is always great to hear what our customers are doing to soften or eliminate their environmental imprint. Jack Nelson of Plainfield reports he is able to supply most of he and his wife Jeanne Sargent’s annual electricity from the 3.25 kW system we installed years ago. This picture shows their Power Conditioning Unit, a Solectria PVI 4000 inverter, solar kWh meter and safety switch in their basement. What little electricity they do buy in winter months they purchase as 100% wind energy from Mass Energy. Since they don’t sell the RECs or SRECs from their own PV system they can authentically claim that all their electricity comes from renewables. Jack and Jeanne use electricity responsibly; they also heat with wood and volunteer on local grass roots efforts to support sustainable energy use and development.

Our customers understand: "Photovoltaics (PV) is a signature technology for the post industrial age, there are no moving parts except those infinitesimals; photons and electrons moving at light speed. In contrast to many electric generation technologies, there is no combustion, no need to contain pressure. No noise, no dynamic vibrations, no lubrication or adjustments are needed. The fuel is abundant and free, there is no waste. With PV's technical sensibility, progressive cultural and ecological benefits attach and together define sustainability. Our customers are clean energy consumers and generators." -Christopher Derby Kilfoyle ©BPVS 2017