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Featured System:

Thompson PV System

Part of Michael and Rebecca Thompson’s retirement plan was to make their retirement home as energy efficient as possible. They accomplished this nicely with the retrofit of this ranch near a lake in the Berkshires. They extended the ranch and added a garage. One can enter the home from the garage or front side entry through a well insulated air tight “mud room”. The interior is an open floor design with a very clever combination laundry and handicap accessible bathroom centered in the house. Our array placement allows easy access to service the roof vents for this room and its appliances. Mini split heat pumps provide climate control and their kitchen appliances were selected for energy efficiency. Most importantly the couple use energy efficiently. Their 7.15 kW PV system will cover all their annual electricity needs and if they add an electric car in the future their electric service will allow additional PV capacity up to 10 kW, enough extra electricity generation to charge for 10,000 miles per year. We feel fortunate to have met them and got to know of their careers, their continuing volunteer service in the county and their environmental commitment. We’re very pleased they selected us and appreciated our design philosophy. Their Panasonic array is perfectly matched to a Solar Edge inverter. The uniquely efficient Panasonic cells proved their worth in April and May of this year since they produce so nicely in low light and overcast skies.

Our customers understand: "Photovoltaics (PV) is a signature technology for the post industrial age, there are no moving parts except those infinitesimals; photons and electrons moving at light speed. In contrast to many electric generation technologies, there is no combustion, no need to contain pressure. No noise, no dynamic vibrations, no lubrication or adjustments are needed. The fuel is abundant and free, there is no waste. With PV's technical sensibility, progressive cultural and ecological benefits attach and together define sustainability. Our customers are clean energy consumers and generators." -Christopher Derby Kilfoyle ©BPVS 2017