Berkshires Be Solar wise

Berkshires  Be Solar Wise.


You have likely noticed a new verb bandied about in solar promotion programs: the word is “Solarize” .  It had an earlier history promoting tanning booths but has been picked up by a state program encouraging towns to go solar and now by multiple national firms operating in Massachusetts under local agents.


At BPVS we understand you’re too smart to be mesmerized by solar hype , that you expect the design , installation , and service of your investment in  solar energy will  meet the tests of  technical integrity over time.  Our 29 year history of  fielding  PV systems  in the region has proved to our customers they were  solar wise , not “solarized”.  Call us and  learn why  your solar resource will benefit from our  quality components and experience.


Posted By: cdk . (2014-03-25)