As we celebrate Independence Day we reflect on a number of events and issues that affect solar:

This year we are thankful that the White House and federal policy is in line with clean energy adaptation and climate change mitigation strategies. The need is ever more urgent and we’re seeing that with the increase of serious inquiries for our services. We are grateful the federal solar tax credit is in an extension period and look forward to renewed certainty and possible new incentives from the reconciliation bill efforts in Congress. If you have a chance thank the western Massachusetts  Congressmen, Richard Neal and James McGovern and their staffs for their hard work.

We are grateful we never fell into offering our customers residential solar leases. They never passed our 1st  test of  “is this something we’d offer to a friend or relative?” when they were introduced around 2009 in Massachusetts.  Not a week goes by now that we don’t hear of at least one family who can’t sell their home because of the burdensome solar lease lien and contract. And yet fast-talking solar salespeople are still signing naive consumers into complex 20 year solar leases or community solar commitments that are nearly impossible to escape.

We are encouraged that the Mass AG’s office is pushing the solar industry to clean up its act in this regard for residential and community solar agreements and on deceptive marketing enticements. BPVS recently commented on the utility plans and marketing for Solar + Storage Programs that are taking their cue from the worst solar marketers by using deceptive clauses in their ‘long on vagaries and legalese’- short on details and guarantees, contract agreements.

We are also pleased that word is getting out on the unsustainable features of many Lithium & Cobalt based batteries as well as solar silicon refinement and the responsibility we have to prevent Environmental injustice to our fellows at all stages of production from mineral extraction to end of life disposal. BPVS  Customers, past, present, and future can be assured their system equipment was sourced and assembled with environmental and labor integrity.

 Do not hesitate to  recommend or contact us for Solar and Solar + Storage designs that are durable and embody best practices for sustainability.