We’re marking significant victories for a rational energy policy this week!  Cancellation of the NED Pipeline was announced – we heard the news Wednesday night at the Berkshire 350.org  meeting – and this afternoon we learn that the Constitution Pipeline in NY state has been denied a water quality permit waiver by NY DEC ….steadfast opposition to the fossil fuel industry the past few years has shown that the citizenry  wants  renewables  and honest research proving  this fracked gas was not  really needed for New England prevailed- There are many people and organizations who stood united across the Northeast ….just to single out one group or one leader  or even a few  is unfair  to many others.  Suffice to say “don’t mess with Mother Nature…and those who want a clean energy economy for Her household ….people in this region are vigilant, smart , organized  and persevere.


Posted By: cdk . (2016-04-22)