Now  enjoying our 32nd year in operation as the region’s most experienced and sought after  PV design and installation firm… thanks to all who sent congratulations through emails and social media .

We are so fortunate to have customers  committed to the environment and who monitor their system’s  performance carefully. While this  past May was below average in production   April was above average .  Soon  you’ll see our  updated clean energy stats posted and it will confirm that annual  production fluctuates withina a narrow range in western MA.

This  last  year  we have frequented actions and  helped  plan strategies to stop the NED  pipeline .  It  has been an opportunity to repeatedly connect with  our customers.  Without question the  PV pioneers  of western MA  have been on the front line of this movement.  These are people who are working everday to reduce their carbon footprint and promote a healthy culture.

Side Hill Farm   featured this month on our homepage is one of many  who are making a difference.



Posted By: cdk . (2016-06-07)